What is BEE BALD?

What is Bee Bald?

BEE BALD® products DO NOT grow hair.

BEE BALD® products DO NOT remove hair.

BEE BALD® products ARE a complete line of premium quality skin care and grooming products for men who, in most cases, have less hair now than they used to have “then”. Regardless of whether your follicles have gone MIA due to aging and other natural processes or shaving, our products are the same kinds of products you are most likely already using . . . just way better. What kind of products are we talking about? Facial cleanser and shampoo (don't use soap - it dries out your skin!), exfoliating scrub, shaving cream, after-shave balm, daily moisturizer and refreshing wipes for when the grind of the day gets the better of what’s above your neck. And we are pleased to announce that SMOOTH PLUS, our best selling SMOOTH moisturizer but with the addition of broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen, is now available!

Why are our products better? Because of the natural ingredient blends we use and the great benefits they provide. All of our products were formulated, by design, to thoroughly care for the thinner, more delicate skin on the head that, when bare, has significantly increased exposure to the elements; it's also prone to bumps, nicks, scratches and oily secretions that can lead to unsightly breakouts and undesirable shine. Simply put, what works so well for the skin on top of the head works great for what’s on the bottom too. It doesn't matter whether you are mostly, partly or maybe just a little bit bald . . . BEE BALD® MAN CARE PRODUCTS are the single source skin care solution for both your head AND face.

Learn more about what's in all our products and the great skin care benefits they provide by clicking here.


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