About Bee Bald®

About Bee Bald

My wife Marcy and I were running late to a show one Saturday night in October of 2011 . . .

As we excused ourselves in making way to our seats I began to apologize for being late, and especially for the back of my head, quite bald and shiny, sweating so profusely. I was particularly concerned about the disturbing impact it might be having on the young theatergoers seated behind us. In an effort to make amends I promised their parents that when we got home after the show I would get to work on creating a special wipe just for bald men who couldn't tell time. As the curtain rose I assured them that “this type of thing should never, ever happen again”.

To this day I don’t remember what show we saw that night. What I do remember is that I became obsessed with the idea of creating not just a wipe, but an entire line of premium, high quality skin care products. When it comes to grooming men aren't always at their best . . . they use soap to wash their heads and faces, they don’t moisturize after shaving and they douse themselves with the worst scents imaginable. Major manufacturers of men’s grooming products have all but ignored men without full heads of hair, and I was totally convinced we could do much better ourselves. Not just for the sake of those men, but for their loved ones as well.

Just a year later, on October 30, 2012, Bee Bald® Man Care Products became a reality when it launched online. We have since received excellent reviews, terrific press and widespread distribution; our products have found their way to the shelves of stores such as Meijer, Giant Eagle/Market District, Kinney Drugs, Discount Drug Mart, Heinen’s Fine Foods and Chicago's "world renown" MERZ Apothecary, with more to follow in the coming months. Online, look for us at drugstore.com, amazon.com, smallflower.com and baldheadstore.com. And if you live in Denmark we've got you covered as well - check us out at made4men.dk!

Bee Bald® Man Care Products is the #1 search result when surfing the web for "bald products", “products for bald men”, "bald skin care" or, typically, anything else close. Use whatever phrase suits your "follically challenged" needs and see for yourself what our customers already know.

Hair is SO overrated . . .

Dennis Fisher
Bee Bald LLC
Bee Bald® Man Care Products